August 7

3 Easy Things You Can Do to Make Your Senior Dog Very Comfortable

Comfortable DogHello and welcome to Whedon’s World. Whedon is my 14 year old mutt who is a cherished member of our family. As Whedon has gotten older we have had to make adjustments. Dealing with older dogs is a lot different than dealing with pups. As dogs age their care requirements change drastically. This website is dedicated to Whedon and provides tips for caring for senior dogs.

As dogs age, they lose some of their capacities and have to be assisted in several ways to make their lives easier and more pleasant. It is a part of any senior dog care routine to ensure your pet is fully comfortable at home, even if it means making some little adjustments around the house.

Following you will find 3 easy things you can do to help your pal feel at ease as he gets older. For even more great tips for dog care visit the website

1. Keep your dog warm

Senior dogs are not able to regulate their body temperature as younger pals can. You have to make sure your old dog is warm and dry all the time, and he should remain inside the house, unless it is time to exercise.

During old age, dogs are extremely sensitive to humidity and heat; thus as part of your senior dog care routine, make sure they are safe from circumstances that could cause heatstroke.

2. Adapt the space and get the necessary equipment

Arthritic dogs may need a ramp to be able to go up a set of stairs, they may also need an orthopedic bed, and additional blankets.

If your dog is going blind or can’t hear very well, you have to remove any obstacles he can encounter on his way when moving around the house. Your pal will get very nervous if he starts bumping into clutter that is on the floor, so keep every area free and clean.

3. Keep your dog’s mouth clean

Older dogs must have their teeth brushed every single day with special toothpaste for dogs; otherwise a lot of plaque can be formed, making your friend prone to several illnesses.

In addition to this, your dog will require professional teeth cleanings regularly, and these must be performed under general anesthesia.

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